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Mint Your Success and Build a Digital
Legacy on the Blockchain

Mint all your company or personal milestones as NFTs
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Mint your Success!

for Businesses

01. Legacy Milestones

A successful acquisition, a blockbuster launch, a stellar quarter, a record year. Capture the historical moment and record it on the Blockchain as an NFT of record.

02. Team Engagement

Acknowledge teams or individuals' accomplishments with a special NFT, commemorating the occasion, while increasing talent retention, job satisfaction and overall employee engagement.  

03. Virtual Gallery

Showcase all company's milestones NFTY PROPS® in a virtual gallery for the world to see and the company to share.

for Professionals

01. Flex your Success

A new promotion, a personal award, a new role. Commemorate the event with a NFTY PROP® and start building a Web 3.0 resume, the resume of the future.

02. Track Record

Build a digital legacy of your career successes and let the digital record speak for itself.

03. Virtual Gallery

Showcase all your personal milestones NFTY PROPS® in a virtual gallery for the world to see and you to share.


Focus on your Success!
We Take Care of the Rest

Celebrate and commemorate your personal  or your company's milestones with a NFTY PROP®. NFTY PROP® is a turn-key solution. We design your NFTY PROP®, mint it and showcase it in your virtual gallery, custom-made for you.




NFTY PROPS® was created as a way to digitally acknowledge, celebrate and commemorate life's professional milestones, building a digital legacy that lives on the Blockchain forever! 


For professionals, NFTY PROPS® will be the resume of the future. A reference gallery, showcasing all your accomplishments, easily sharable. For companies, NFT PROPS® will serve as an archive and a trophy room for all company's achievements.


We will design, mint, and transfer your NFTY PROPS® to your wallet and provide all links to your virtual gallery. We will also help you setup your wallet and your Metamask browser extension, if needed. We want you to focus on building your success and we'll do the rest.

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Order NFTY Prop

Get your NFTY PROP®

Enter your details and tell us what special occasion you like to mint. We'll take it from there. NFTY Props are minted on the Tezos Blockchain.

Available Templates

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Professional A


Classic A


Classic B

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Full Degen

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Airdrop your Resume NFT and stand out in Web 3 style. We mint on the Tezos Blockchain for its lower gas fees and more environmentally-friendly capabilities.
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